L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub

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Personally, I have always been a strong advocate of L’Oreal products, and recently they have been killing their skincare range. There are so many products I am yet to try and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next to come from this wonderful brand. After seeing the recent hype over the new Smooth Sugars range, there was no question that I had to try them out. Before purchasing one of the scrubs, I had never tried a Sugar Scrub before so I was fairly curious and intrigued on how they would work on my skin. Many bloggers I follow commented particularly on how soft the scrubs left their skin feeling and how the scents made them smell good enough to eat! So after a few weeks of trialling the Glow Scrub, here are my thoughts.

Loreal Smooth Scrub

When I first opened the jar, there was a strong aroma of the Grapeseed Oil accompanied by the sweetness of the sugars, it’s fair to say it does smell good enough to eat! The texture of the scrub is smooth from the oil but the sugars give it a natural roughness. Before applying the scrub, I start off by cleansing my face using the L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Wash and my trusty Face Cleansing Pad from Primark. Following this, I gently apply the scrub all over my face, but before working it into my skin, I add a touch of warm water to melt the sugars while I work it in. I then gently scrub my face in circular upwards motions until the sugars have melted, which you can feel as the scrub softens. Then I rinse it all off with warm water and dab my face dry using a clean towel. I would recommend ensuring the scrub is washed off your skin fully, as it can leave a very slight oily residue, which is good if you have dry skin but not the best if you have oily skin like me! However, it has done my skin wonders since using it and now I completely understand why fellow bloggers were raving about this product.

My skin and lips were noticeably softer after first use, even my partner (who never notices anything) said how soft my cheeks felt. As recommended, I only use the scrub two times a week, but the quality of the product makes it feel like a real treat to use. On the days I use it, I either pop it all over my face in the morning before my shower or in the evening before I have a long bath. Due to the quality of this product, I am certainly inclined to try the other two from the range, I have my eye on the Kiwi Clear Scrub next.

Swatch on Hand

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this review! Let me know if you have tried any of the Sugar Scrubs and which ones are your favourite in the comments below.



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