Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

It’s just one week until the wonderful Mother’s Day, where we get to celebrate and spoil the ladies in our lives! I’m lucky to be heading home this weekend to spend time with my amazing family and celebrate the 11th with my mum.

I thought that this week I would put together a Mother’s Day Gift List for those who may be struggling for ideas.  I’m very fortunate because me and my mum like the same things and I find my mum the easiest to buy for. My mum loves beauty, make-up, clothes, bags, jewellery, etc. so I actually really enjoy shopping for her.

I tried to make this guide slightly unique as I love to put as much effort as possible into people’s gifts to make them personal to them. The great thing is, the ideas I have mentioned can also be done within a week, as we all know, time is running out!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration from this gift guide:


Creative Touch

Now, I love putting together a good hamper, I really enjoy going to the shops and selecting different items to put into the basket. The great thing is, you can make them personal to your mum, so whether your mum is into beauty, gardening, crafts, reading, chocolate or even wine and cheese you can create a hamper around this. Before you start, have a think about what you may want to include, sometimes it’s nice to put in a more expensive gift like perfume, then smaller bits around this like candles, face masks, wine, chocolates, cleansers, face wipes etc. but it’s completely up to you.

I created some pamper hampers to demonstrate how you could think about putting one together. The basket is from Poundstretcher for £3.99 and everything else is from Boots, Sainsburys, Primark and Superdrug so definitely one you can pull together over the next few days. Don’t forget you can also add some fake flowers, chocolates, tissue paper and confetti pieces to make it all look extra pretty. What I would also do once I am happy with it, is add some cellophane paper around the whole basket and tie it with a bow/ribbon around the top to finish it off, you can get these in most card shops.





Bag of Treats

Does your mum love make-up? Then why not put together a make-up bag for her for mother’s day? There are so many gorgeous make-up bags available to choose from like these ones from Next and Oliver Bonas. Then all you need to do is pickup a few bits from Boots or Superdrug for her to try, or maybe you know that she is running out of her favourite products, so you can replace them for her. If you’re unsure about which make-up she likes, maybe you could put new make-up brushes in the bag instead. You could even purchase one or two more expensive pieces of make-up from higher end brands as a treat. If you know your mum’s style and she loves her make-up, then I don’t think you can go too wrong with this idea!


Time to Relax

These are really popular at the moment, and I have seen them all over my Instagram feed, so much so I am probably going to get one for myself soon! I am talking about Bath Trays, if your mum enjoys relaxing in the bath at the end of the day, with a book or maybe watching a TV series and with a glass of wine, then this is the perfect gift! As they are getting increasingly popular, you can find many varieties online and on the high street. I found these ones on Next, Etsy, Dunelm but there are many more around and for a range of prices, so you can get some for £20 or £50 depending on how much you want to spend.


Anything For You

This idea takes a little bit of time and creativity but, if you’re truly looking to spoil your mum then this is one for you. It’s creating ‘mum’ vouchers, but, vouchers that you make for your mum to use, so for example the vouchers could be for breakfast in bed, afternoon tea, manicure, blowdry etc. Again, this idea depends on your mum, but can be a really nice one to spoil those mums who deserve it. Whether you decide that your going to do the actions on the vouchers for your mum or pay for her to have them, it doesn’t matter, because both ways are super thoughtful.

To start, get yourself some card, a printer and a pretty box. You want to come up with between 5/10 (or more) ideas and type them up on the computer. Then, you print them off on the card, this could be coloured or maybe you could add some creativity into each one then cut them out and you have your vouchers. Then you need to print a label for the box to say what they are, this could be on the top as a label or as a tag, then voila! Put your vouchers inside and you’re done! You could even add a bunch of flowers with the vouchers for that extra touch 😊

Flowers and vouchers


Personal Touch

There is no better feeling then giving someone a personal gift that you know will mean a lot to them. My family are so close, so for Christmas me, my brother and sister all chipped in to create one of these for my parents and they loved it. If your mum pretty much has everything and you can’t think what to get, then why not get her a personalised word print. I would highly recommended purchasing one of these from not on the street because the site if super easy to use and the prints are great quality! I have linked to just one version, but they have loads of different style prints available and with a range of different colour frames. Certainly, an idea to consider if you want to get your mum something a little different this mother’s day.


Simply Stunning

If your mum loves her jewellery, then you can’t go wrong with a key piece from Pandora. Pandora have some  gorgeous pieces and for affordable prices too.  Also, with only one week to go, if you order by 11:59 on 6th March with standard delivery, you will still get your gift on time.

Not only is their jewellery stunning, but it’s perfectly wrapped to make for a special gift. Of course, there are so many beautiful options, but if your mum is like mine and loves subtle jewellery, then these stud earrings may be worth a look:

Pandora Bag 3

So that’s it for my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I really hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it’s provided you with a little bit of inspiration. Wishing you all a lovely week, and I shall be back next Sunday with another post! Don’t forget to share your Mother’s Day gift ideas below too, as I know there are loads more out there!

Thanks for reading,



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