Mini February Primark Haul

I think if there is one shop I can’t resist going in to have a quick look around, it’s Primark, although, it’s never really a quick look around, I usually end up shopping in there for at least an hour or so before I leave, is anyone else like this? However, I never fail to walk out with a few bits that I love or have been looking for elsewhere and picked up for half the price. Also, their homeware section is amazing, and they always have pieces that are on trend, it’s easily my favourite section to look in.

So, recently on a visit to Cheltenham, I popped into Primark and picked up a couple of beauty and home items which I thought I would share with you.

Primark Haul


Oval Make-Up Brushes

I am a bit late trying out oval brushes, I have heard such good things about them and have been desperate to try some out. When I saw them in Primark for a total of £3 I had to pick them up. So far, these ones have worked a treat, they are really soft and don’t absorb the foundation but buff it into the skin leaving me with a pretty flawless finish. I find the large one amazing for buffing in my foundation and the small one is perfect for concealer. Definitely pick these up if you’re next in Primark, for £3 you can’t really go wrong!

Make up Brushes


Face Cleansing Pad

These are my favourite to use with my face cleansers, and when I saw this one in Primark for £1.50 it went straight into my basket. Previously I have been using a Soap and Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt, and even though it’s still going strong, I just find it slightly too small and a hard to use. However, this one has a larger surface area and it usefully has a place on the back for easy grip. For the price, I kind of wish I had picked up 2, so will definitely be re-purchasing another one of these when I am next in Primark.


Blush Pink Cushion

I am not too sure I need to say much about this one, if you’re a lover of blush pink and suede then I think you may know what I mean. In our bedroom we have gone for a white/blush pink/grey theme and I have been searching everywhere for the right shade cushion to put on the bed with the others. When I saw this, I didn’t even hesitate to pick it up and it only cost £5! I honestly feel Primark get it right everytime when it comes to homeware.


 Make-Up Brush Cleaner

Now, I’m not going to lie, I am quite lazy when it comes to washing my make-up brushes and its a task I always try to avoid. Weird though, considering when it’s done, the next day my brushes smell amazing, feel amazing and apply my make-up amazingly, so maybe I should try doing it more often. Well, voila, I actually found something that helps me do just that. Don’t worry this isn’t the first time I have seen one of these, I have just never really saw the point, but, now I know why these are sold on the shelves. This little brush cleaner makes the whole cleaning process 10x quicker and it’s the perfect size to store in the bathroom ready to whip out and clean my brushes on a regular basis. If you’re wondering, this was only £1.50, so if you’re like me and need a quick yet simple solution to cleaning your make-up brushes then I would recommend giving one of these a go!


Beauty Blenders

Beauty blenders have become a huge staple in the beauty industry, and despite seeing them everywhere I had not actually got around to giving them a go. I was never really sure whether to purchase the Real Techniques one, the Original Beauty Blender one or just purchase one of the cheaper versions. When I recently caught up with a friend, I saw she was using one and she said that the cheaper ones work great. So, when I saw this pack of two for £1.50, I thought well why not give them a go. Now, I understand the hype. These are so good for applying make-up, I thought they would absorb foundation, but to my surprise, they barley do, I was amazed at the flawless finish these gave to my skin. I actually purchased two packs of these for the price. I can’t believe I had not tried Beauty Blenders sooner, these now happily live in my make-up bag and are used on a day to day basis!

That’s everything! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you have been to Primark recently and what you picked up in the comments below. I think I may actually start doing a few more haul posts, so keep any eye of for them. Thanks for reading,



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