Garnier Skin Active Intensive Daily Scrub

Now that we are well into Autumn, and Winter will soon be upon us, my skin is slowly changing according the temperature. When this time of the year comes around, it’s crucial for me to change up my skincare products and pay extra attention to my skin.

In particular, my skin becomes increasingly dry, especially around my forehead and cheeks. To combat this, each year I introduce a daily scrub into my routine. I try to stick to one if I can, but I do end up trying a few over the festive period.

The one I have chosen this year is from Garnier, and it’s their Skin Active Intensive Daily Scrub. Personally, I love the Garnier Skin Active Range and swear by these products when my skin going through a tough time (and in general to be completely honest).

This product is very awakening due to the strong scent and cooling effect that it has on the skin. After washing off the scrub my skin feels remarkably softer and fresh. From first use I have been impressed with this product because it does exactly what it says on the bottle.

Garnier Product

Over the last few years I have encountered various issues with my skin and I truly find that these products keep any spots at bay. Its reassuring to find a range that has worked so well for my skin both during challenging times and after.  I think my next purchase in the range may be the 3in1 Charcoal Blackhead a Mask Wash Scrub. Some of my other favourite scrubs are:

Do you enjoy this using this range? Let me know your favourite scrubs in the comments, I love trying out new ones!

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