The Body Shop: Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask – Review

Hello and welcome, I have decided to start my blog by reviewing a product from one of my favourite skincare brands – The Body Shop. Over recent years, I have encountered various problems with my skin due to battling .. stress. Having overcome this and fortunately discovering The Body Shop products, I am happy to say my skin is progressively improving.

The product I am going to be reviewing today is the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask. Due to my love for The Body Shop products, trips there often lead to purchases. Once the lady in store introduced to me to this product, it’s safe to say I couldn’t resist taking it home to try. Having used this for a couple of months, this unusual textured mask has become a concrete staple in my night time skincare routine.

Subsequent to scrubbing and washing, I gently massage this mask into my face and neck around 3-4 times a week leaving it to soak in overnight.  On the days I use it, I treat it as a replacement for my moisturiser because it nourishes and hydrates my skin, just the way a moisturiser does, but better! I also try to avoid applying too many products to my skin, so it’s either a mask or moisturiser for me.

The mask comes with an applicator to easily scoop the mask from the tub, but a small amount goes along way so you really don’t need much. As the texture of the mask is thick and ‘bouncy’ to touch, you can feel it tightening on your skin following application. I’ll admit, this can feel funny at first but I can assure you it’s the way the product works (just like a face mask!) What’s also great for me personally is that even though this product is thick to touch, it feels super light on my skin and doesn’t take long to absorb either.

I can honestly say, the morning after using this product my skin is noticeably softer, radiant and clearer. After using this for a few months and as an individual who has suffered with acne, this product has not affected my skin in any way and has certainly revitalised the ‘glow’ in my face. I would highly recommend this product on many levels. At £24.00, this product is fairy pricey for a mask; however it works for me and lasts a long time so I truly believe it’s worth the investment.

Find it here – Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to let me know if you have used this product below, I would love to know your thoughts and experiences!



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